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Our new documentary film Fractured Earth: Fractured Lives is now available through our distributors Journeyman Films.

The shale gas industry in America has been hit hard by the global drop in the price of oil, causing a drop off the fracking of new wells. This slowdown is welcomed by environmental campaigners who insist that fracking is causing huge damage to the environment and polluting water wells.

Wild Dog Limited

Wild Dog Limited is an independent media production company creating content for film projects, photographic exhibitions, multimedia displays and the internet.

Our focus is on development and the environment. Our broad skill-set enables us to offer cost-effective solutions for the media, business and the development community, dealing with sensitive  issues in challenging environments.
Our language section Decipherit offers translation, copywriting and editing.

Please 1234WDmail for more information.

Award Winning Content

Andy Johnstone was awarded a CBA DFID Travel Bursary for the film Death of the Nile?
Find out more about the film here.
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