Film Kit List

We have a full HD/4k ENG shooting kit (with lighting & Audio), based around the brilliant Sony FS7.

Our shoot kit includes:

  • Sony FS7 4k/HD camera (with Sony XQD cards)

    Producer/Director & Lighting cameraman Andrew Johnstone on location.

    • Camerakings shoulder mount/VCU plate, Shape extension arm
    • Portabrace raincover
  • Canon EF zoom lenses (17-40mm f4, 28-70mm f4, 70-200mm f4) with Metabones speed booster
  • Canon EF mount FD 35-135 (with macro)
  • E-image tripod system
  • GoPro Helmetcam/Car & boat mount/Sky Pole
  • Atomos Ninja external HD recorder/Monitor (with camera mount)
  • Senheiser radio mics
  • Senheiser Headphones (with headphone jack adapted by BBC engineering!)
  • Audio Technica AT895 camera mic with Rode windjammer
  • Audio Technica AT897 boom mic, with Rode windjammer & Cavision boom pole
  • Lishuai LED bi-color panel light with stand
  • 2 x Ianiro 300w reporter lights with stands
  • 2 x LED camera lights with stands & clamps
  • Manfrotto relectors & Lee lighting gels
  • Apple Macbook Pro with Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro 6, Sony Catalyst etc.
  • External harddrives
  • Canon & Fuji stills camera systems

Our Edit Studio:

  • Apple iMac with dual monitors
  • Focusrite audio preamp/monitor
  • M-Audio Studio monitors
  • MXL 770 voiceover mic
  • Audo Technica studio headphones
  • Final Cut Pro 7, Premiere Pro 6, Adobe Audition, After Effects etc.
  • G-tech project/scratch drives & LaCie Raid archive drives

All our equipment is regularly tested and maintained.

We can also hire in all manner of gear including extra lighting and grip, track, dollies and different camera systems. We work with a local UAV CAA drone pilot for aerial filming.