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Fracking in the USA

This film that we made with photographer Les Stone in 2015 about Fracking in the USA is still available to watch on the Guardian’s website.     The film is still relevant and the marches by school kids protesting inaction on climate change this month (Feb 2019) prompted us to re-watch the film. The issues that the film addresses seem to have been subsumed by the political naval-gazing that is dominating the agenda across the […]

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Drone filming for Inside Out

It’s been a busy few weeks at the start of 2019 with a number of assignments for various clients, including a great shoot for Andy with Simon Vacher for Luke Lovell at Reflected Eye where he was working as a sound recordist for a change of a corporate film. Andy has also been filming for BBC’s Inside Out and flying his drone. “It’s great that we are now making more and more use of the […]

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