We are currently working on a new documentary film Ghosts of Alderney

Gary Font and PIers Secunda on Alderney

The Channel Islands, which are closer to France than Britain, was the only territory owned by the British Crown to be invaded in the Second World War.

It led to thousands of islanders being evacuated, two thousand or so being interned in Germany, and five years of Nazi rule. The Nazi occupation saw the biggest mass murder ever on British soil, the establishment of the only SS concentration camp on British soil, and the most westerly extremity of the Holocaust.

This film tells the stories of four men who suffered in Alderney. We have spoken to their families thanks to Piers Secunda, a renowned artist whose subject matter is the destruction of culture in war. He was aided by Serge Klarsfeld, a noted French historian of the Holocaust.

Piers also contacted the son of a Spanish Civil war veteran arrested by the Germans in France. Remarkably, one of our French survivors’ fathers also fought in Spain and both ended up in the same camp in Alderney. The sons share memories of their fathers together in this film.`

Music by David Knopfler

Filmed by Andrew Johnstone, Produced by Robert Hall, Directed by Zoe Clough

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