We’ve heard a lot of chat about ‘frictionless trade’ after Brexit. But what does that actually mean?

We put the idea to BBC Inside Out South East and they were keen to find out too, so we put together a road trip with BBC South East’s Political Correspondent Helen Catt, van driver Ciaran Donovan and Dover businessman Peter Garstin.

We travelled to Switzerland to buy a car part and the idea was to see what friction we would see when we tried to export the goods. What we found out was quite revealing.

To learn more, please watch the film tonight on BBC 1 Inside Out South East at 1930hrs and then on BBC iPlayer.


The film is now available to view here.


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  1. Linda Richards

    I don’t think there are subtitles for this. Is there any chance of a transcript please? For a Deaf UK and European Politics Forum FB group. Thanks.

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