We had a lot of fun filming ‘quite literally’ in the cow shit for German network Deutsche Welle in Hampshire.

The story for Euro Max with producer Max Modler was about musician Cosmo Sheldrake who records sounds from the natural world and then plays the music back in remote locaitons – in this case on the top of Martin’s Down.

Our pal, sound recordist (and fellow SAB Network crew member) Rob Kingsbury was waggling the boom. We managed to avoid ‘helicopter and reversing truck’ on the audio tracks, but instead Rob had to deal with chainsaws tree felling. Who ever said the countryside was all peace & quiet?

We managed the dodge the showers and even had the drone out of the the bag on this story for some amazing shots over the downs towards the end of the day. Of course Max took every precaution to safeguard the team from COVID risks will on location, but next time we must remember to add “Cow shit” to the risk assessment!

Thanks to Rob for the snap, here’s a link to the film.


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