Another year and another Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival – but this time with a twist.

The festival this year has gone online because of the COVID pandemic and it has meant that we were called into do some rather different work from usual. Our normal festival highlight package was obviously a non starter and in stead we shot a couple of author profiles with food writer Mark Diacono and novelist Graham Hurley as well as a call to action from Dame Hilary Mantel.

We have also covered the two live events with mutiple-cameras using our new Blackmagic live streaming box. To manage this we called in Eoghan O’Reilly from Company Film Solutions to direct the live shoot – which was actually recorded ‘as live to be streamed later this week. The project was a roaring success and the festival has been first in the country to offer so much online content to its devoted followers.

To find out more about the events that will be on and when you can see our film see the Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival website.

If you are planning an event, meeting or show and want to have it live streamed to the web or recorded, please get in touch. We have the tech and we are ready to go to work!


  1. I just viewed your Bud Salt Lit Fest Film and found it very good indeed – how you managed to build such a meaty film from the few scraps that the pandemic left us looks like a miracle!
    Congratulations – and thank you for all that hard work.
    Cheers! Jed

  2. Andrew Johnstone

    Thanks Jed! As ever your support is most welcome!

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