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So just 2 years after the last general election, here we go again and the UK is off to the polls in mid-December. Already, with Brexit unresolved, this election seems set to be one of the most bitter and divisive political events in the UK’s recent history since, well, the last bitter and divisive political event. At least half the country will be feeling pretty miserable by Christmas. On the upside, at least people will […]

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Pictures worth a thousand words: thoughts on ‘Brexit’.

The UK is about to make a huge decision about its future on 23rd June. As a small business with a number of European clients (including those of our translation business Decipherit) and having filmed and photographed any number of projects across Europe over the years, we have benefited as much as anyone from the free movement and trade that Europe has offered us. As such we are strongly pro-remain, but as Wild Dog’s Producer/Director […]

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